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Hill Tribe Silver Beads - Silver Jewelry Catalog Download

We have collaborated with artisans from Nasai Karen Hill Tribe "Silver-Village" since 2005. We work closely with our silversmiths, even with 2 hours driving distance between us. While they prefer working from under their homes rather than in the busyness of the towns, the silversmiths come down every week [or when there is work] to deliver and/or pick up new orders. At which time we discuss details of any custom orders we have received over the week.

Any #byHillTribe design can be made in bulk for much lower price than what we can supply them for on our website because most of those products are procured through associate showrooms. The difference is that when ordering 150 grams or more of any design, we can buy silver granules to have our silversmiths to produce. However, the saving to you is only noticeable for large wholesale order. This is the reason we have a minimum requirement of 150 grams per design. See our pricing page for more details on production cost and to calculate lowest prices possible for yourself.

We do not stock much of the silver products and have to source these from other suppliers in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. These are the people we refer to as "associate showrooms" who have been immensely gracious in supplying their inventory to us at minimal margin. This arrangement has allowed us to supply you with an extensive product line at the lowest price available online.

2016 thai hill tribe silver beads catalog
2016 - #byHillTribe Silver Beads

thai karen hill tribe silver pendants large #byHillTribe
2016 - #byHillTribe Silver Pendants [Large Designs]

Thai silver charms [small designs] catalog #byHillTribe
2016 - #byHillTribe Silver Charms [Small Designs]

Thai hill tribe silver earrings #byhillTribe
2016 - Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver Earrings

handmade silver earring wires, findings, toggles, clasps #byhillTribe
2016 - #byHillTribe Silver Toggles, Clasps, Earring-wires, Silver Components

2016 catalog of thai hill tribe silver rings
2016 - #byHillTribe Silver Rings

Thai hill tribe silver bangles 2016 page 1
2016 - #byHillTribe Silver Bangles [page 1]

#byhilltribe silver bangles [page 2]
2016 - #byHillTribe Silver Bangles [page 2]

By clicking on the thumbnail [or download link], your browser will open in PDF Reader. Once the entire file is loaded, you can save it to your hard drive for browsing later. You may need a PDF Reader App if you are loading these files on a tablet or phone. Please submit an order for any item on our PDF catalog [New or Old]. To do so, please send us a list by e-mail with the following information:

  • Serial number (Item number for each design)
  • Quantity or weight of each design you would like to order.
  • Size (if applicable, i.e. Ring size 7 US)/ or if you have specific requirement regarding size of bead, loop or hole size. Please make sure to let us know.

[2004 - 2015] Hill Tribe Silver PDF Catalog

You can still use this catalog to orrde.

Silver Bangles

An assortment of silver bangles in various shapes; round, flat, hammered, oxidized and non-oxidized silver bangles in standard sizes (50mm to 80mm diameters) and flexible enough to hand-adjust around the wrist.

hill tribe silver bangles catalog
hill tribe silver bracelets and necklaces

Necklaces & Bracelets braided with waxed cord

An assortment of waxed chord necklaces and bracelets utilizing hill tribe silver beads and charms. All available for customizing to your requirements.

Silver Bead Caps and Cones

As assortment of bead's cap and silver cones of various sizes and designs.

hill tribe silver bead caps catalog
hill tribe silver beads catalog 1

Silver Spacer Beads based on weight (some on strand)

Tiny silver spacer beads of various shapes, sizes and design sold as loose beads and beads on strand.

Silver Beads 2

An assortment of shapes and designs; hearts, tubes, rounds, squares, rectangular, triangulares, curved, puffed beads and more.
hill tribe silver beads catalog 2
hill tribe silver beads catalog 3

Silver Beads 3

Assortment of discs, seashells, butterflies, fish, dragonfly and woven silver beads.

Silver Beads 4

Latest designs of silver beads in contemporary and fashionable look. Puffed discs, animal life, hearts, hollow, donuts, saucer shapes and more.
hill tribe silver beads catalog 5
hill tribe silver beads catalog 5

Silver Beads on Strand based on Design

Tiny millimeter size silver beads on strands calculated based on uniqueness and style.

Silver Link chains and chokers

Assembled by hand in various shapes and sizes; some chains with open links and some with soldered closed links. Made of high content silver for easy adjustments to suit every project. Available for customizing to your requirements.
hill tribe silver link chains and chokers catalog
hill tribe silver ear rings catalog

Silver Earrings

A large variation of hill tribe silver earrings all shaped by using traditional Karen method.

Silver Charms

Small to medium size silver charms of many shapes and sizes; plants, leaves, animals, stars, hearts and much more.
hill tribe silver chamrs and pendant 1
hill tribe silver charms and pendants 2

Silver Pendants

Medium to large size silver pendants in an assortment of shapes and designs; hearts, flowers, contemporary, medallion, spirals, bells, spirit-locks, crucifix and more.

Silver Pendants 2

Medium to large styles of hill tribe silver pendants in various shapes and designs; flowers, discs, domes, leaves, woven, butterfly, starfish, elephants, bees, and much more.
hill tribe silver pendants 2
hill tribe silver rings, handmade

Silver Rings

Handcrafted hill tribe silver rings of various designs; flowers, plain, woven, seashell, starfish, hammered, tribal design and more.

Silver Jewelry Components

Handmade silver components suitable for many jewelry projects; findings, jump-rings, toggles, s-clasps, focal clasps, end's cap-clasps, ear wires and more.
silver toggles and findings by thai hill tribe
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Our manufacturing cost is only $200 per Kilogram. Supplying us with the silver granules for production will guarantee you the lowest possible price! Contact us for details.

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