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Asia Charisma is a wholesaler and manufacturer of Thai Karen hill tribe silver beads and Thai silver jewelry components handcrafted #byHillTribe silversmiths of Nasai Village of Lamphun, Thailand. We also custom-make #JewelryMaking components and provide electro-plating service for silver and gold-vermeil using our selection of silver designs.

Thai silver jewelry hill tribe pendant

Silver Pendants
& Silver Charms

silver jewelry beads by karen hill tribe

Silver Beads
& Spacers

Thai silver jewelry hill tribe silver earrings

Silver Earrings
by Hill Tribe

Thai hill tribe silver bangles

Silver Bangles
by Hill Tribe

Hill tribe silver bead caps-cylinder-cones

Silver Bead-Caps & Cylinder Cones

Thai hill tribe silver toggles, clasps and findings

Silver Toggles, Clasps, Wires & Findings

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Silver Link-Chains
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Silver Buttons
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Exclusive Designs
by Asia Charisma

Asia Charisma's selection of silver jewelry and silver jewelry components are hand made by the Thai Karen hill tribe silvermiths of Nasai Village located in Li, Lamphun, a nieghboring district of Chiang Mai, Thailand. These designs are created using traditional tribal methods passed down through generations.

Your orders are treated as wholesale with increasing discounts with higher volume.

Your purchase of thai hill tribe silver beads and silver jewelry components will help sustain a traditional craft and provide the Karen hill tribe people with a reliable source of income. Our silver jewelry making components are hand crafted with high content silver of 99.9% in purity with the end product output purity of no less than 94% in silver content.

The only metal used aside from silver is a bronze alloy mixture of copper and tin. We do not use nickel.

Many of our designs are assembled by soldering pieces together using elements that can bring forth the best bond. In almost all designs, our Karen silversmiths mix their own soldering solution by combining Bronze powder (copper + tin compound) and Silver to retain the lustre of the design. After each design has been assembled, the oxidation process (blackening the silver for coloration) requires some design be fully submerged or sprayed with household bleach (aka Chlorox or Chlorine) which will instantly darken the silver on contact.

Once the silver component has been oxidized, those designs are left out in the sun to dry for several hours or days, depending on the season. It is important for the oxidized silver to truly dry out in the sun as this will ensure the color does not fade and also bring out the shine in each piece. After which the silver components are polished by hand using various techniques depending on the requirements of the individual design. Some pieces are polished with a soft Bronze-wire brush and some are scrubbed with a green scouring pad. Once polished and scrubbed by hand to bring out the desired effect, the silver jewelry components are then set out in the sun again to dry once again before going through the quality control process.

Order from Asia Charisma, YOUR satisfaction is guaranteed! We also guarantee that you will receive the exact quantity AND WEIGHT equivalent to the money you spend with us...

thai silver-gold-vermeil jewelry

Custom Silver-Gold Vermeil Service

thai silver jewelry hair sticks

Silver Hair Sticks
by Hill Tribe

Silver-plated copper beads

Copper Beads

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Copper Beads
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