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Shipping & Returns

Packaging—Shipping Methods—Customs

We recommend using the shipping method you are most familiar with as this means the courier is also familiar with you and your location. We have pre-selected the shipping methods most suitable for our product line, however this may not be the case for your location. If the shipping company listed is not suitable for you, we urge you to contact us to make arrangements.

Import tariff [customs duty] is your responsibility and should be considered when selecting a shipping method. Our products fit into the category 7106.92.1000 of the Harmonized Tariff System [UK = 7106.92.0000] There have been disputes in the past because our products are not just "beads" or unfinished silver components—some are finished pieces like earrings and rings. Every country will have their own trade agreement for the code above—please check.

All products are packaged with care with individualized zip-lock bags, labeled and sealed. Products are wrapped in bubble wrap and other shock-absorbent materials, then carefully placed inside bubble wrapped envelopes or boxes. We try our best to carefully package each product keeping the "design" in mind as each individual design upholds its structure differently. Should any product be damaged during the shipping process, please make sure to notify us and your shipping company as soon as possible. As in any claiming procedure, please make sure to take create evidence. We will take back any damaged pieces or any design that you are not satisfied with. In case of loss, however, we will need documentation and evidence to submit a claim and would be grateful if you provide us with images and description because the shipper is usually responsible for the package [en route].

Every order from "Silver by Hilltribe" will be processed with most efficiency, however we cannot guarantee timely delivery of all shipments; particularly shipments made via "international registered" airmail. Generally shipments using "international registered" airmail take an average of 12 business days to make delivery to most locations around the globe but can take much longer during holidays or if there are instances of human error during the shipping process. Considering every day politics, more strict custom's standards and heightened national security policies, delivery can be delayed for several weeks. Please do take in consideration the security measures taken for importing packages into your country before ordering from us. We will do everything we can to help expedite each package, however, delivery time is entirely up to the shipping companies and custom brokers involved in the process.

Returning Products

When purchasing our products by weight we will supply you with exactly what your ordered. For example, when ordering 200 grams of our silver products, we will supply you with 200 grams [no less, but more]. Even if the quantity of your order's total weight is less than what you paid for, we will complement your order with additional pieces so that your order will equal to 200 grams. If any product does not meet the buyer's expectation, Silver-by-Hilltribe will replace the silver upon the item being returned to us. Shipping cost for returning products is solely the buyer's responsibility unless this has been discussed with us before hand. For small returns of less than $100 please send the package by registered airmail declared as “metallic craft supplies—return to manufacturer” with value of content equal to or less than $25. We don’t believe in having to pay customs for products that we’ve already paid tariff for—we hope this is understandable. For larger returns, please get in touch with us so that we may find the best solution. Address should be written as follows:

c/o Natniya Wapetch
P.O. BOX 72
Prasing Post Office
Chiang Mai 50205

Out-of-Stock & Back-Order

If any item is out-of-stock after an payment confirmed, you will have the option of canceling any back order item and Silver-by-Hilltribe will refund the difference. Items out of stock are placed on the “Back-Order” list and will ship free of charge by registered airmail. If the backorder is of large volume we will consider using other couriers for better insurance coverage.

We can ship anywhere if your country allow importation of silver beads or silver jewelry.

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Description of Shipping Couriers

All orders from Silver-by-Hilltribe.com will be released through the shipping method you selected during the checkout process. Please make sure to provide us with a shipping address during the checkout process as our shopping cart will override the Paypal shipping details. Any suggestions or requests can be submitted to us using the comment box in your shopping cart. All information provided to us will remain private with NO financial information being stored on our server. Everything during the checkout process is SSL encrypted.

Shipping estimates on the cart is calculated based on total weight of products of cart. Depending on total value of your order, a shipping estimate can be provided at any time by clicking on the estimate shipping button in your shopping cart. The shipping couriers we prefer working with are: Thailand Post (Airmail or Express Airmail), Federal Express and United Parcel Services (UPS). These couriers cover most places, however, if need be, please get in touch with us to using another shipping service.

We try to estimate shipping cost as precisely as we can based on the “shipping zones”. If you have any concerns, please use the contact form to let us know. Cost of shipping is not within our control, however we will gladly look into a more accurate quote for your specific address if you believe we can ship for cheaper.

Some locations cannot be reached by our shipping couriers, therefore we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order if delivery is not possible. If you live in a remote area where shipping is questionable, please contact us and inquire before completing a purchase with us.

[ Federal Express International ]

This is our preferred shipping method for high value orders. In fact, we believe any orders above $200 should be shipped by FedEx because they deliver quickly and the package is updated at every hub which allows for semi-real-time status checkup of the package. It is more costly, however it is the most reliable and hassle free throughout the process of shipping, receiving and claiming of damages.

[ UPS International ]

Provides a similar service as FedEx but is slightly more expensive for our target regions. In some cases we have found that UPS is more efficient or more lenient on custom’s fees [UPS and FedEx use their own custom’s clearing house]. It’s always worthwhile to test out different shipping couriers if you are dissatisfied with other couriers.

[ Registered Airmail International ]

This is a safe and reliable system of shipping with a solid track record for completed delivery. However, airmail packages have an average delivery time of 12 business days, depending on the time of year. During peak season in November and December, please give yourself at least 3 weeks if you’re on a dateline. Also, registered packages will require the recipient to sign for the package upon delivery. If there is no one to sign for the package, the postal service will require that you come to sign for it at their location. In such case, the postman should leave a notice at your delivery box with information on how to proceed. If you do not receive the package within 2 weeks, please let us know so we can prepare a submission to trace the package through the local postal authority. As a general rule, the postmaster will not accept any traces of registered airmail unless shipment has taken at least 3 weeks.

Registered Airmail packages can be traced online, however there is not a guarantee that every handling center will scan the barcode on the package. We know it is done here within the Kingdom of Thailand, however once the package is en route, we hardly ever see the packages get updated in other systems—sometimes—it does. In any case, it is worth a try to track registered airmail packages through your national postal authority’s website [example: USPS.com for USA]. The website for ThaiPost: http://track.thailandpost.co.th/tracking/default.aspx?lang=en

[ EMS International ]

EMS is a quick and reliable express airmail postage, however, we have to admit their pricing is not competitive when compared to FedEx or UPS. We recommend using this method if it is your only option. Shipments are generally delivered within 5 business days for non-remote locations. Shipping and insurance prices are based on the value of products ordered.

[ Wholesale Shipping—Insurance Coverage ]

ALL wholesale orders will be shipped with FedEx unless you’ve requested otherwise. Due to increasing fuel price, shipping and insurance cost for high value merchandise such as silver and gold, we will provide insurance of up to $500 USD free of charge. Any orders over $500 is subject to additional insurance costs [1.75% of the product total]. This insurance will already be included with the shipping estimate we provide with your wholesale order.

Shipping prices fluctuate on a daily basis, so we will not quote a specific shipping price for wholesale orders until an actual "price inquiry/order form" has been submitted to us. Shipping costs will be charged exactly what the courier charges us to ship each box or merchandise. If specific items need special packaging materials that the courier does not provide, we will make necessary adjustments to your shipping cost.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Our manufacturing cost is only $200 per Kilogram. Supplying us with the silver granules for production will guarantee you the lowest possible price! Contact us for details.

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