Wholesale Level 2: Minimum total lowered to 500 grams!

How we price our hill tribe silver

Every design is sold with a manufacturing minimum of approximately 50 grams [approximate /slightly negotiable]. Retail sales or to order less than our minimum requirement of 500 grams, please do so at Silver-by-hillTribe.com. We have great deals there too.

Our artisans work hard to provide us with every bead while at the same time keep busy with their plantations and farms throughout the year. When the men go off to tend to their farm, silversmith work force is reduced to women to continue with silver production while raising young children at home. Even though manufacturing silver can be done 7-days-a-week, our artisans must also work with the seasons in mind. These are ultimately the two determining factors in how quickly production can be achieved. We mention this to give reason to the sudden change in A-C.net's wholesale pricing structure [August 20, 2016]. If you've known us since the beginning you will likely wonder why: it's because we need to retrace our steps to figure out which turn of opportunity we missed or made a mistake in taking. We feel the need to be transparent about these changes because these are big adjustments necessary to return the symbiosis in our hill-tribe-silver business. We trust that many will understand. And apologize to those who find these changes not appealing--which is the reason we have created silver-by-hilltribe.com as the alternative.

We believe that volume orders should have a bigger margin on a consistent basis.

To achieve this goal, we will shift our focus to the four hill tribe silversmith families that we sponsor and promote. When ordering from us, our top priority is to provide these households of Karen artisans that work alongside us with the work stream that we can provide. Therefore, orders of 150 grams or more of any single design will be submitted to our silversmiths for production as a first option. If their work load is full, then we will source our products from associate showrooms where we can obtain nearly all designs represented by our websites [A-C.net and S-b-H.com both carry the same products]. If you're ordering more than 150 grams of an item, please let us know if you have a dateline because we'll need to determine whether to manufacture or to buy from other suppliers.

When ordering anything less than 150 grams, we will source your order through associate showrooms and use our own inventory. This will ensure we get shipments out as quickly as possible because that's truly how every customer likes to have their products ordered. To give you the most competitive price while maintaining functional profit margins for us, our hill tribe silver price can be calculated as follows.

purity of silver granules used by hill tribe silversmithsWholesale /Manufacturing Price: $0.97/gram USD

1. Items are sold in "sets" of approximately 50 grams per design or closest to threshold as possible.

2. To receive this wholesale 2 pricing, we require that each order reaches a minimum of 500 grams total

3. FedEx and UPS are preferred shipping options because of insurance coverage. Additionally, EMS and Registered Airmail are alternative options because these are the only shipping methods available in certain locations. Shipment by airmail will need to be split in 2 [or more] packages. Check shipping option for more...

Your order of components are primarily obtained through affiliate showrooms in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Lamphun and Nan. This is because recent economic downtown has made it more economical for the hill tribe suppliers to join together and share the ride. We are blessed [boon in Thai] with some of the most generous and understanding group of hill tribe families and suppliers within the Kingdom of Thailand. This should be understood as the reason to how we can supply our products at such low prices--sometimes too low even our own suppliers [and our "special" customers] are inclined to remind us to "be fair". Because we are surrounded by genuine kindness, we have the appetite to spread that same grace we've been given.

Our own #byHillTribe designs are manufactured by a handful of families residing in the silver village of Nasai. These people are indeed our extended family and close friends whom we trust and honor as one does their own friends and siblings. It is the best working relationship we could ask for. That said, however, please know that our priority when it comes to order processing is that we aim to supply our family with as much work as possible before we choose the second option of buying the completed silver from other suppliers [which come at a slightly more expensive price]. Our hill tribe silversmiths work independently at their own pace and without oversight, in their own village ecosystem where they are farmer-first, silversmith-second. This creates an atmosphere where many times throughout the tropical year, weather plays the determining variable in how quickly production is completed.

Realizing how laborious and repetitious the work can be, we pay our artisans "lucratively" for their efforts, for the reward must justify the cost. And also because financial reward creates security, and is the principal mechanism for motivation to do good work while hunched over the wooden stump with a hammer for hours on end. Although there is great satisfaction in taking a handful of glistening pure silver granules and melting it down to mold into a little bead that you know someone on the opposite side of the world will be wearing, this tedious work is hard enough that passion wouldn't withstand the long and tiresome work. That's why we believe in paying the craftsmen well. So to alleviate the urge to seek other means to cover their expenses. This is foundation of trust we have built with our silversmiths because we are not there to watch over their shoulders. And also why we are confident our artisans will always use 99.9% silver granules to produce our designs and only mixing the necessary alloy to solder and stiffen [usually copper-tin/ /bronze-copper /nickel-free: zero nickel].

We guarantee silver purity of 94%: [ Nickel-Free! ]

zodiac silver designs #byhillTribeWhen the work is not satisfying or rewarding, the next generation is turned off and have a tendency to migrate into other areas of work. Many Karens are lured into cities where the only jobs they can find are low-wage and laborious, all the while living with the expectation of providing for their families back in the village. For this reason many are enticed by quick money schemes like drug smuggling and prostitution because the demand for such are constantly on the rise, particularly in Thailand where tourism is a substantial source of the GDP. We do not want our friends to fall into this trap. And we can only do so by providing them with a satisfying wage for their skill.

As a supplier, we are inclined to be transparent as possible about our pricing structure. Below you can calculate for yourself how much manufacturing actually costs so that you can determine for yourself if indeed buying from Asia Charisma or Silver-by-hillTribe.com

More importantly, on every product page you will also see what each silver bead or charm weigh. We don't leave out any information because we would like our customers to do the calculations and compare with other sites. If you don't know the weight of the product, you can't figure price per gram being charged in which case you're likely losing out on a better deal.

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How to estimate manufacturing cost and assess value of Thai hill tribe silver

Add the spot silver price [quoted above] to our manufacturing cost of $200—that's our bottom line—the absolute lowest price we can sell our products. In addition, this price is only feasible if the order meets our wholesale threshold of 1000 grams total order and 100 grams per design. To obtain the lowest price, please send us an e-mail with specified weight or quantity you require and we'll get back to you with an an estimate before proceeding with production.

You may also receive additional 4% discount on top of the following discounts for submitting a wire-transfer payment. This is because our credit card company (payment gateway) charges us a percentage for every transaction. Receiving payment by bank wire transfer means we save on this fee which allows us to extend to credit towards you.

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Our manufacturing cost is only $200 per Kilogram. Supplying us with the silver granules for production will guarantee you the lowest possible price! Contact us for details.

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