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Asia Charisma is an exporter of handmade Karen hill tribe silver beads, silver jewelry [bangles, rings, and earrings, braided custom jewelry, waistlets, link chains by length] and silver jewelry making components such as toggles, clasps, ear-wires, silver wires, jump-rings, and silver bead caps. We are a registered business: Asia Charisma Trading, Limited Partnership, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

hill tribe silver bracelets 95% agAll of our silver jewelry components are made from 99.9% silver granules which are mixed with a small percentage of copper-alloy for strengthening. Our products are randomly tested for purity and have a score of 94.8% in silver purity. Because of this, we will gurantee our silver designs are at least 94% in purity.

We work closely with Karen hill tribe silversmiths which allow us to manufacture beads and jewelry with high quality standard. However, we do not "employ" any Karen artisans within our company because hilltribe silversmiths work independently from their homes in the silver-village of Prabhat Huaythome (aka: Nasai Karen Hill Tribe Silver Village) in the district of Lamphun, Thailand.

Since we are the agent for Karen silversmiths and do not know how much work and effort is actually put into each bead, we feel that pricing should not only be based on the value of silver and the exchange rates but also by the amount of time and effort put forth into each design. Who better to judge this but the Karen silversmiths themselves? By allowing the artisans to price their own silver components, we feel that each Karen family will receive the maximum financial benefit for their hard work. If the work is gratifying to them--then they will continue to give the best effort in creating quality products that essentially represents their tribe and culture.


We are in a symbiotic relationship with our Karen artisans in that we act as their connection to the global market of independent jewelry makers and bead stores. Because the Karens are our family, we are dedicated to their well-being so that each family is satisfied with their job.karen hill tribe silversmithWorking conditions for hill tribe family will vary depending on each household's capital and earnings. Simply put--if a product sells well that belongs to a particular family, it is likely that the family will gradually improve their working conditions as well as their livelihood. And, in normally circumstances, share that wealth among other families in the village by sharing talents (hiring each other) like a commune.

With our inherent ability to communicate and understand your needs and manufacturing requirements, we are able to relay your specifications to the Karen silversmiths. In doing so, we hope to create more opportunities and a consistent flow of work for the hill tribe families so that they too may continue improving their own lives by way of honest trade. By keeping a Kariang silversmiths working, we help endorse the bead-making trade and deter youths from turning to drug trafficking [or drug use] or prostitution. Worse is when our children stray [or are sold/bartered off] because of burdensome dispositions--for those are the ones that become victims of human trafficking. Hardly anything can be more terrorizing for a parent. Since this is the looming danger within our ecosystem, don't be surprised to see even the preadolescent children in the village pick up a hammer or thread to help out during school breaks. It's our method of survival in Thai society that largely look down upon the minority ethnic groups as subordinate-class.

We currently do not have a showroom. However, we look forward to the day that we do. As for now, we are registered as an "export only" business that allows for tax breaks, thus, limited to online sales.

If you happen to be in Chiang Mai or Bangkok and would like to visit a showroom with hill tribe silver products, we have associate showrooms that are open year-round in Chiang Mai and year-round-'on-weekends' in Bangkok's Jatujak Market.

We are grateful for you and for the community in which we live. We share the responsibility of compunction and accountability in seeking peace and prosperity.

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Our manufacturing cost is only $200 per Kilogram. Supplying us with the silver granules for production will guarantee you the lowest possible price! Contact us for details.

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